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Afterglow had the great pleasure for providing full post production services for FlightPathTV
– a brand new high definition aviation show produced by Leading Edge Media that has been picked up by
Discovery Asia and is currently negotiating other distribution deals worldwide.

The entire 13 episode series was edited, graded, sound mixed and prepped for broadcast delivery by Afterglow
– additionally our amazing graphics team provided a complete package - this included an impressive opening title
sequence, bumpers for 7 segments, transitions, baselines and credits as well as onboard graphics in every episode
– be they recreating a nighttime attack or 3D graphics for the exhilarating segment In The Loop
– where our animated aerial maneuvers help demonstrate to an audience the incredible aerobatic feats
Red Bull Air Race pilot Matt Hall is about to perform.

Delivering a full series in HD to BBC broadcast specs as well as prepping the show for direct sale by an
international distributor required both investment in new resources and a broadening of skills by the staff
at Afterglow – so with the shows successful delivery and first international sale we are very proud to crow
about FlightPathTV’s completion and the fact that it has Afterglow’s stamp all over it.

But more importantly, we are proud to have worked closely with Leading Edge Media to deliver what we believe
is a cracker of a show.

We predict FlightPathTV will not only attract and excite the worldwide, globe trotting audience of aviation nuts; but also inform, entertain and delight anyone who can’t help but look up in awe at the heavens whenever a plane or helicopter passes over head – all those who dream of the freedom, excitement and opportunities the world of aviation has to offer - and even those who are merely curious about how aviation has, and will continue, to shape our world.

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