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Some days timing is everything.
A fortuitous conversation with TV3’s John McDonald regarding up-coming Rugby World Cup graphics, provided an
opportunity instead to pitch for this seasons New Zealand's Next Top Model graphics.

The program's theme was to be diamonds and ice - but every sample he had seen from others had resembled
cold wet ice and was missing the diamond sparkle - leaving a look completely devoid of the glamour
and bling that the show requires.

Given 24 hours to impress, Gary Leano - always up for a challenge, worked through the night on the pitch.
The following day TV3 jumped aboard and the gig was Afterglow’s. As well as handling the motion graphics
package of titles, break stings and transitions, Afterglow also headed into the studio to shoot the models for
the title sequence.

With Leano at the directing helm, he chose Red One for its quality pics, massive resolution and clean
keying capabilities, and the bonus of a touch of high frame rate shooting to capture just the right look.
Pulling in Marc Mateo as DOP, we were confident the girls would end up with a great beauty lit look, even though
we'd only have a few minutes with each!

Rocketing through a hectic half day shoot, Leano pulled an incredible double duty day, as after each girl
wrapped on the Red One he shot behind the scenes elements of models on his 5D MkII in another room,
before running back to the main shoot in time for the next girl as she exited hair and makeup!
With 13 next top models in the can G went to work making them sparkle with his own particular brand of
Maya and After Effects magic to a funked up version of the Fanatics track “Models”, commissioned by
TV3 for the titles.

The clients’ response? “Awesomely Good!”

Executive Producer TV3 - John McDonald
Executive Producer In-House production - Angela Mann
Producer TV3 - Emma White

Afterglow Director / Creative / Maya & After Effects: Gary Leano
Director of Photography: Marc Mateo
Titles Producer: Gary Stalker

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