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In this industry where experience really does count then Andy has it in spades.
Clients know it, they can feel it and they appreciate the comfort that comes
with knowing that if hes at the helm the jobs in good hands. Whether its a
multi camera shoot of a train crash or a motion control pass over a
Maccas burger hes been there and you can guarantee hell know how to do
it better than just about anyone its as second nature to him as a plectrum
over a guitar string or raising a cold bevy.

With two Garys in the office there had to be a compromise somewhere,
thats how our head of motion graphics came upon the enigmatic
nomenclature G. However, youll never find compromise in Gs motion graphics,
with every project crafted to his perfectionist standards.

G dreams of one day being a restaurateur with his own beach front ristoronte,
trouble is hes cooked up such a heap of client-pleasing Titles and VFX that
hes earnt himself a reputation as a clever bastard. So the ristoronte will have
to wait, while our clients keep coming back for seconds.

Gary's the guy who designed the boardroom in it's a la cafe Capri style
- and it is from here within the luxuriant haze of freshly ground coffee beans
that he casts his attention upon the stratagems of Afterglow.

It's his attention and consideration to getting the most out of work and life
that translates to any job that comes through the door.

If Duncan were an item of sporting apparatus he'd be a cricket bat
- a finely crafted piece of willow that can knock a projectile beyond the
covers and well into the stand. But y'know he's not, he's just a damn good-natured bloke
- happens to like cricket - who can swing a pen and create the kind of cut-through
lesser scribblers only dream of.
There's no secret at work here, it's just communication -
Duncan listens, interprets and crafts a message that'll ambassador your business way
into the sales charts.
No secret, no sledging, no sales hype, just 100% pure talent baby!
(Ok, so maybe we shouldn't have given him the last line.)

A pen is mightier than a sword. In MKs case, its a Wacom stylus,
but the saying still goes. From print, to web (Philippine Ad Congress
Gold medal Award), to visual effects, to motion graphics
- MK lets his work speaks for itself.

He believes that hes bridging the gap between conventional art and "pop art",
1 megapixel at a time.

Brought up by two loving parents and an Amiga 500, it could easily
be said that Craig never met a puzzle he didnt like. This probably explains
his natural affinity for the tech side of post and his goals of producing
feature films.

It also explains his role here at Afterglow as resident post supervisor,
helping ensure that all the pieces of a project fit and that you walk out the
door with the right sort of deliverable every time.