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“Exceedingly Effective in Producing Sales From New Customers.”

NZ dairy farmers can be a hard bunch to convince, even if the product they are being shown will improve
their milkproduction significantly. But having a video playing in just seconds from the Apple ipad has proven
a winner with the sales team at the agricultural company Bell-Booth Ltd.

Stephen Bell-Booth (CEO) worked closely with Auckland production company Afterglow to create the video,
Duncan McCann providing creative & marketing savvy while Andy McGrath was in control of directing,
camerawork & editing.

To his credit, Stephen Bell-Booth committed to video some years earlier, identifying it as the best medium for
delivering his sales message. He also had the foresight to commission independent testing through Auckland
and Massey Universities - gathering statistical data to verify the effectiveness of the product.
This combination of irrefutable scientific data and anecdotal testimony from top-performing dairy farmers created
persuasive content that has translated to a continued increase in customer reach.

Crafting this video is an ongoing process that Bell-Booth invests in annually. Each successive edition
incorporates any refinements in sales strategy and as research on the product continues to evolve,
the information on the video is updated to match.

The 2011 version became the first version for the ipad but can be shown from any ‘tablet’ or ‘smartphone,
making it readily available and at the fingertips of Product Specialists (whether standing out in a paddock
or in an office environment)

This format offers a marked improvement in quality and ease of viewing. Sales rep's can instantly dial up a
video and navigate through it much more effectively. Updating the sales video is as easy as sending out an email
with a link for reps to upload and lastly the client has no need to handle the cost of DVD duplication
& label printing.

It's great for Afterglow to be a part of this success story and to have innovative companies like
Bell-Booth Ltd prepared to invest in well-crafted video to keep their sales team armed with an effective
‘selling tool’.

A video which John Mawdsley of Nexus Partners
(senior leadership and sales coach for Bell-Booth Ltd sales team), describes as
“one of the best sales tools I have ever seen…it’s exceedingly effective in producing sales
from new customers.”

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