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2011 Rugby World Cup – Maori Television

Afterglow has had the pleasure of creating titles for a number of shows for Maori Television over the last
few years. We’ve enjoyed the work and they in turn have responded openly and with enthusiasm to our creative,
making for a great relationship.

So it’s not surprising that with all of Gary Leano’s past work, including the explosive titles for Boil Up,
a slick package for Te Pae Hihiri on Te Reo, fun new titles for the hugely popular Homai Te Pakipaki and graphics
for Tamaki Paenga Hira (a show Afterglow had a hand in from pilot to post) that ground swell of good feeling
and respect for Afterglow around the network led to a call about their Rugby World Cup titles
- the biggest event by far on this years calendar for the network.

An early meeting with producer Brendon Butt made it immediately evident that he and G shared
a common vision for how the graphics might look.

MTS were clear that their brand and the event itself should stand on it’s own, there was no need to play
with tokenistic iconography – clean, stylish, modern graphics to support free to air coverage to all of New Zealand
was the order of the day.

A smart line-up in the commentary team,
Afterglow’s finest opening sequence depicting a gleaming new stadium representative of
the opportunity this event holds not just for the network, but all of New Zealand and the stage
is set for the All Blacks to bring the cup home,
live on Maori Television of course!

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