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When launching a brand new product or service, every good business knows that staff must be both excited and informed about what’s on offer. It won’t matter how many people are driven to your door through advertising; if the sales teams and customer service reps haven’t already brought in, then the customer won’t be buying either.

So when that business is Telecom, and the product they are launching is their new $574 million XT Network – it can not be over stated just how important the internal communication presentation becomes. That’s why when agency Central Station turned to Afterglow to fulfil their big dreams in a small amount of time, we knew nothing less than in a world class presentation would suffice.

Loving a challenge and never shying away from the difficult jobs it was clear to even the most optimistic of us that we were faced with a staggering brief:
  • 3D modelling a range of cell phones (many details of which were still hush hush, most of which were not in the country, and all of which would only be available to photograph and come to grips with for one day)
  • Creating not one but three virtual environments in which
    • a green screen shot presenter had to be composited
    • a virtual dancer had to be composited
    • live dancers on stage had to interact with.
  • Animating 13 minutes of all this in over 4k resolution for a 25m wide by 4.5m high screen,
  • Provide sound effects design and mixing.
  • Deliver it all in under 3 weeks - when a client signed off script had yet to be written - let alone seen by the team
So with this mountain ahead of us, delivery date looming, and no room for error we sat down, forewarned our loved ones not to expect to see us for a while, and got to work.

The result? According to Peter Cronin, Creative Director for Central Station:
“Just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and enormous appreciation of the job Afterglow created for the Telecom Roadshow. The response from Client and audience alike has been enthusiastic and effusive. Even the Director of Mobile, who in our client’s words ‘approves nothing’ not only liked and approved the show without any changes, he stated that ‘this is exactly the kind of international level brand we should be projecting’.

Of course all this really is down to Afterglow. Having been set an impossible task, you somehow managed to create not only a video to a short deadline, but a video that captured the imagination and reached a high, high technical and creative standard. You even handled the ‘last minute ridiculous change’ with good grace and efficiency.

I’m left with only one problem – client has already stated that ‘you’ve raised the bar extremely high – how are you going to better it next time?’.

Whatever the answer, you can be sure we’ll be calling Afterglow”
Great praise to receive – plus we all survived the sleep deprivation
and our families didn’t completely forget our names
– another win for team Afterglow.

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